Professional Advocacy and Legal Counseling

We are trial and appellate attorneys, admitted to practice before all state and federal courts within the State of California, including the federal Bankruptcy Courts. We focus on a personal approach to the legal problems of our clientele and embrace the use of technology to gain the advantage over their adversaries.

A Practical Approach

Ours is a results-oriented practice, geared toward using the law to solve our client’s practical problems. While our main focus is always on realizing our client’s goals in the trial courts, we have the resources to take the fight to the next level—the appellate courts. While our services can be effective at all stages of the adversarial process, we are just as effective at the negotiating table. We often achieve quiet success for our clients through settlement, mediation, or arbitration.

A Personal Touch

We strive to focus on the personal desires and goals of each client. Because the practical effects of legal or factual issues are very difficult, if not impossible, for the average person to fully grasp or even predict—experience practicing before the courts is essential. Whether you are an individual in legal distress, or a business with complicated needs, we work to simplify matters as much as possible by educating you and pinpointing the practical effects of the law and facts in your particular situation.

Aside from the technical legal issues, most of our clients take comfort in the fact that we understand what our clients are going through on a personal level, and we work with you as your partner and counselor through difficult disputes and the draining process of litigation. We also recognize that the partnership between an attorney and client can only work when the client is fully informed and educated about the process and its options, which is why we place a special emphasis on our role as counselors at law.